A Beautiful 4th of July Poem by Alexander Deleuse

“FREE.  Independent, like our forefathers from that farther complex.  The old laws are written in stone and the new laws are actively lived in a continuous repositioning.  What’s up today is down tomorrow and what is left now is right in the afternoon, so we’ll do our best to get out of the static freeze in favor of a quantum dance, where big leaps are the norm and everything is a passageway.

How to? Gotta believe that our mythology is not fixed, that our stories can be re-written in real-time if we wield the pen with confidence, and pens don’t even exist anymore.  We have, and forever will be, moving targets and seeking to embody the grand archetypes, and perfection is for the gutter.  Catch a bold phrase, a swipe of the thumb, a glance into a mile-long march, and rejoin your tired center with an everlastingly-energized one.”

Alexander Deleuse,  July 4th, 2018