How did you become a Jewelry Designer? Your business philosophy? Competitive edge?

Interviewed by Marin Magazine

How did you become a Jewelry Designer?

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I have been creating and designing in many different mediums such as ceramics, weaving, beading, leather and fabrics since I was a young girl. Becoming a jewelry designer was a natural progression for me–and it helped to marry into a family of jewelers!

The jewelry I create reflects my inner love of beauty from nature and art. I work with bright colored fine gemstones and 18k gold and platinum. I create classic jewelry with whimsy or edgy chic, and I often hear “WOW” when people see a finished collection. I’m passionate about what I do and I love to work every day as I’m constantly creating something new –yet, studying the old archives of master jewelers.

I’m very honored to have been asked to join the Contemporary Jewelers Design Group.

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What is your business philosophy?

Deleuse Jewelers was established in 1945 in Nice, France by my father in-law, John Deleuse, who was a master watchmaker. After immigrating to the U.S. he then opened a second store in San Francisco in 1951.

My husband, Jeff, his youngest son, joined the family business after receiving a degree in Psychology and Gemology. My formal education is in Molecular Biology and when I started working in the family business I realized my true passion was for the arts and design.

Our business philosophy has remained the same since 1945– focusing on customer service and offering the highest quality workmanship in restoration and repairs of fine jewelry and watches as well as creating jewelry with the finest gems.

 Maintaining our status as Graduate Gemologists, members of the American Gem Society & American Gem Trade Association and the Contemporary Jewelry Designers Group we are able to offer professional services.

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What is your competitive edge?

Our custom designed jewelry exemplifies the creativity and quality that hallmarks Deleuse Jewelers. We never compromise on quality, from the smallest diamond to the largest –the quality remains the same.

Our diamonds are precision ideal cut, VS clarity, DEF color; the gemstones are equally fine, traded within our AGTA standards, beginning from mining to the final precision cut. Our metals are refined from recycled refineries.

We are professional to the smallest detail in our work and our service. We do not have employees, we are a family team and we know our customers personally. 

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What changes will your business experience in the future?

Celebrating 33 years in Marin and 67 years since the first boutique opened on the Rue de France –we look forward to many years of continued service.

Our expansion offers an extensive website that is transparent with information about diamonds, gems, metals and the jewelry industry; also included are related articles to museums and historical jewels.

Newly designed jewelry and blogs are posted daily.

My line of luxury accessories, which includes high-end couture outerwear, pearl and silk brocade bags, pearl belt and silk scarves as Janet Deleuse Label has been launched.

Hand-fabricated and one-off, the Janet Deleuse Couture is made in the USA by American Professional Seamstresses.   

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Janet Deleuse