Silk Chiffon Scarves

     I decided to create a line of luxury silk scarves that can be easily worn.  Long and rectangular, they are not bulky, just a slip of beautiful soft silk to make you feel elegant everyday–no matter what else your’e wearing.  Limited in production, each one is hand-hemmed, haute-coutre and made in San Francisco. Janet Deleuse Label.

                 Vogue Italia says:  For a classic woman, the headscarf is definitely the cult accessory and patterns reign.    In classic “iconography” headscarves are worn on the head or to protect the neck from the wind: in both cases they are often teamed with a pair of dark shades as a distinctive feature of 50s chic style. After passing through several generations they now dress women with outfits taking a cue from these vibrant and irresistible prints.         

Silk Scarves, Janet Deleuse Label, Made in San Francisco, Hand-sewn, Limited Editions


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