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nl-maniafoulard_675x670tn-3photo-copy-5-e1354909180314-224x300photo-copy-2-155x155IMG_0282tn1Janet Deleuse label, long silk featherweight scarves, hand-sewn, pure luxury, limited production. To order:  www.shopdeleuse.com

Vogue Italia says….“Now we go back to the past and prefer to tie it up under the chin, just like Grace Kelly used to do, making it her signature style. What are we talking about? The beloved headscarf!photo-224x300

The trend, more a need, maybe, brought about by the bad weather and the desire to leave the umbrella at home and breath some Spring fresh air, has become a true must-have of the season: at the recent runway shows we’ve seen them in all possible colors, from the classic Hermès or Gucci models to vintage pieces. Inspired by the headscarves women used when going to Church, the small black netted shawls recall a 18th century Sicilian atmosphere.tn-4

 Back to the postwar period, you will only need a ride on a Vespa, a cinched waist, slightly backcombed hair and a silk headscarf knotted under the chin to relive the charm of old black and white movies, and feel a little like Audrey photo-34-e1350018434747-224x300Hepburn in Roman Holiday.”

Selene Oliva


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