Lace and Peacock Feathers on My Mind…

After returning from the Simms Estate in Albuquerque for the judging of the Saul Bell Award I’ve had peacock feathers on my mind…the creative side of my brain that is.

 I didn’t realize WHY I was thinking about those beautiful iridescent  feathers until I spoke with Victoria Landsford   (my fellow judge) and she told me that she also had been drawing peacocks …..”well, duh,” she says…..”it’s those gorgeous peacocks from the Simms Estate that’s impressed us so!”  

Yeah…she’s right and here’s the result of that impression.  A lace and peacock feather poncho with velvet trim.  Designed and hand-sewn by me.


Link to more images of the poncho… purchase online

Janet Deleuse Couture Outerwear