Summer Delights

Well…it’s finally August, one of my favorite months.

 I can count on the hot days and warm evenings that please the senses…everything just looks and smells like summer.

 I’m lucky to work right across the street from the San Francisco Bay and the smell of the water drifts into our store with the warm breeze.  The water sparkles from the sun and ripples like shiny white diamonds…just like the ones I design with.  

Everyone walks around casually and with smiles…the tourists are just plain happy to be here on vacation.  And, us locals are happy to come to work.

All in all, it’s a happy month.

Here are some of my photographs and designs to share that invokes the lazy summer days. 

conch in seaweed

My shot of a conch sell and seaweed on the beach in the Bahamas.

heart_necklace A necklace that I designed with pink stones and pearls shot on a coral branch.

IMG_1448 copy One of my favorite outerwear wraps that I’ve designed….open weave mohair with an abalone shell button and trimmed in tiny seashells.

quartz_ring  This is a very large ring I designed with faceted smoky quartz and diamonds in 18k yellow  gold….reminds me of the warm glow of summer sun and tans.

51-155x155 Alexander Deleuse (our son) took this shot in the harbor across the street from our store as the sun was setting on the yachts.

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