Tanzanite, Lioness and Masai Singing Girls in Kenya

                 Janet Deleuse Tanzanite & Diamond PendantLioness with her sleeping cub behind her, we captured this moment on a hot, still afternoon in Meru, Kenya. Photo credit: Jeff Deleuse

Named after the East African state of Tanzania, Tanzanite was introduced by Tiffany & Co. in their fine jewelry collection in the late 1960’s.   The Masai called it, anyolite, the word for green.


  Photo Credit: Jeff Deleuse
The mix of white, red and yellow colors for their beaded jewelry is indicative of their particular tribe.
Beautiful and talented Masai Women that sang for us in East Kenya, close to the Tanzania  Border. We stayed in the Masai lodges while in Kenya. Our trip to Africa was one of the most heartfelt “close to the earth and all living beings feeling” –that’s hard to put into words.  The Masai are as beautiful inside as out–they are quick with a smile and have a great sense of humor.

Lavender blue in natural light by day and exhibiting reddish violets in artificial light at night, this newly discovered color was immediately treasured.  There has not been any other deposits of Tanzanite found since 1967; therefore, limiting the quantities available and increasing the value of gem quality large stones.   Wearing a Tanzanite is like having a shimmering bouquet of periwinkle flowers–that last forever.

 Janet Deleuse Designer Jewelry

Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant in Platinum  

10.65 carat  teardrop tanzanite, two half-moon tanzanites, perfect .36 ct.  VS, D-E, white baguette diamond, hand-fabricated in San Francisco,  original Janet Deleuse Design


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